Check SPM Result 2010/2011 Online

Its time for SPM 2010 result to come out. The result release date still remained unknown but unofficially there been gossip telling it will be announced
on early March 2011 (around 1st-5th).

So lets together wait for the peak time and celebrate for success on SPM 2010 result. There will be updates time to time until you will able to check SPM result on the day.


SPM result date : 23/3/2011 Confirm!! Source here.
  1. lameeeeeee

  1. 21 march or 14 march

  1. after election at merlimau and kerdau..

  1. hw long i can wait...

  1. so to wait..

  1. why cant this people just post the result day out............

  1. well, the latest new.. it come out on 23rd march 2011

  1. very late.....

  1. Can i check my result at 00.00. 23/3/2011

  1. im in brisbane and wtf, how to check oh walau

  1. lembabbbbbbbbbbbb giler


  1. lembbbbbaaabbbabababbaba

  1. Man it's been 6 months since i aplied for my SchollerShip at MTCP (Schollership Div). MY GOD

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  1. I got 6A's. No scholarship. How sad.

  1. 23.3.2011? I DONt want to know it!hahaha...can we juz futher stdy without knowing the rsult!

  1. how about us,,the 2011 ??

  1. i so worry for my result

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